⚡ Give value to your users' votes by using HeroxVote ⚡

What is HeroxVote?

Is the best solution for those who want to give your players' Votes more value HeroxVote allows you to collect votes from some different sites and servers where you placed the plugin, and then merge them into a single database. Allows you to create a custom VOTE PARTY by the use of a simple placeholder, you can also implements a check to the API of external website that not allows votifier, for example Minecraft-Italia and stamp it into a custom placeholder or if you are a developer through our API Is also a GLOBAL Economy plugin, each vote that is performed by your players is equivalent to "1 Coin" ie "1 HV" Thanks to its placeholders you can manage the economy by creating Shops, Tops and much more using simple plugins such as DeluxeMenus, ChestCommands, LeaderHeads, etc... or if you are a developer through our API
Last modified 1yr ago
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